We Have Expanded Our Welding Capabilities

We have recently expanded our range of welding equipment for the automotive industry to include a single point robotic welder with sliding nests and a hot air cold staking (HACS) machine with poka yoke checks.

Robotic Welder

The new welder uses a 6 axis robot to weld and clip the parts.

Sequence of operation:

  • The operator loads the components into the nest and starts the cycle whilst loading the clips into a drawer system

  • Once it has been loaded and closed, the robot picks up the clips one by one and inserts them onto the part and then performs the boss welds

  • Poka yoke checks ensure the machine verifies that all the clips and welds are OK before releasing the parts

  • The machine prints a label which the operator scans

Hot Air Cold Stake Machine

Our new HACS machine has been improved to include poka yoke checks to ensure that no faulty parts make it through the car production process.

Sequence of operation:

  • The operator loads the part and starts the cycle 

  • Once the machine has confirmed the presence of all the clips and components, if there is anything missing the entire cycle will be aborted to ensure the eradication of defective parts

  • The nesting then moves back to the heater station which heats all the stakes 

  • Once the heating cycle is complete, the part is moved forward again where all the stakes are formed

  • The nest then returns to load position so the operator can then remove the component and restart cycle

BuildAssist Control System

Both machines have the ability to run through ATM's BuildAssist control system with the option of OEE and MES software. Both technologies show decision makers the productivity of their shop floor, seeing the overall truly productive manufacturing time is the best way to identify the percentage of defective parts.

Product image Robotic Welder
Product image BuildAssist Control System
Product image Hot Air Cold Stake Machine

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