BuildAssist Automation

The ultimate version of ATM's BuildAssist range is BuildAssist Automation, designed for use on high complexity automation manufacturing cells where there are multiple technologies and processes operating simultaneously. This is the ideal solution where control of servos or inventers is required.

ATM’s Automation Software has been designed to provide the highest levels of control, communication and compliance with relevant and specific industry standards.

BuildAssist Automation Offers:

  • PLC control

  • Network based I/O

  • Ideal for control of Servo’s and Inverters etc.

  • Built-in safety circuits

  • Compliance with standards such as CFR21 part 11

  • Compatibility with Industry 4.0 and the latest OPC-UA protocols

  • Capability to communicate data ranging from simple downtime status to highly complex plant-wide information

BuildAssist Automation Example In Use
BuildAssist Automation Software System
BuildAssist Automation Screen Example
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download image

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