ATM's BuildAssist Software System is a textual and graphical intuitive operator interface, providing operator prompts and process instructions on a touchscreen. The package, developed in-house by ATM software engineers, makes use of images and PDF media to provide clear instructions for operators at every step of the automation or assembly process.

The software uses a pre-defined library of functional objects, which can then be configured in a sequence, or a number of sequences, depending upon the BuildAssist version selected. This provides the control and functionality required for the application in hand.

There are three BuildAssist levels: Lite, Standard and Automation, with increasing levels of capability and sophistication across the range.

Our BuildAssist Range is Industry 4.0 Ready: Control, Connectivity, Data Aquisition, Reporting, Decision Making.



“Owen Mumford Limited has worked with ATM Automation for over three years now. In that time, we have successfully completed two projects and are about to embark on a third. ATM has proven to be a dedicated partner, with a great design team, who produce innovative and cost effective automation concepts based upon their BuildAssist assembly bench technology. These systems allow a flexible approach to the assembly of our Auto-Injector products and can be easily re-tooled as required.”

Owen Mumford Limited


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