BuildAssist Standard

BuildAssist Standard provides a more sophisticated and flexible approach to machine sequencing and control. Targeted at applications where there may be multiple tasks and several different technologies, this version includes functional objects for data acquisition, such as reading bar codes etc. 

BuildAssist Standard is designed and configured for use across our comprehensive range of semi-automated intelligent workstations, BuildAssist Standard includes a textual and graphical interface to assist operators with each assembly task.

The system uses a comprehensive library of “Functional Objects”, pre-defined routines, which can be configured and performed in a sequential manner. These “Functional Objects” eliminate the need for bespoke programming offline.

BuildAssist Standard Offers:

  • Consistency of programming

  • Faster configuration compared to traditional methods of programming

  • No programming skills are required

  • Configurable login groups

  • Up to 50 multiple sequences can be run at any one time

  • Functional Objects available for Scanning, Reading, Communications, I/O Condition Handling, Equipment Sequencing, OEE Monitoring and many more

  • 12” or 15” Screens available

BuildAssist Standard Example In Use
ATM BuildAssist
BuildAssist Standard Screen - Sequence Functions
BuildAssist Standard Screen Examples - OEE Data
download image
download image

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