Preventative Maintenance From ATM

Enhance Your Bottom Line With Preventative Maintenance From ATM

It's an all too familiar sight when valuable customers call us with an unexpected broken down machine. No matter how efficient we are implementing a fix, we know that when equipment unexpectedly grinds to a halt, it affects the bottom line of your business.

In many cases these problems could be avoided by using ATM's preventative maintenance service: a cost-effective way of minimising unexpected downtime.

Service Benefits

> Full Nationwide Coverage
> Reduce unscheduled downtime with preventative maintenance visits - 'Inspect-Test-Calibrate', assessing functional components and repairing or replacing as required
> Enhance the working life of your machines
> A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers always a phone call away

> Computerised stock system that ensures availability of quality parts
> Ability to produce parts in-house as required
> Projected expense per unit to aid financial planning
> A bespoke service contract tailored to your exact needs and budget

You can get in touch with our service engineers by calling (0116) 277 3607.

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