We Know Our Vision

Human error is a preventable factor for loss of production in the automotive industry. Our aim is to eliminate this problem and check for defects before they enter the end production stage, ensuring that only good parts make it to OEMs. We have developed a range of machines from assembly progression systems to end of line inspection machines. These two systems work in three phases to ensure no defective parts get through the production process:

  • Poke Yoke (mistake proofing) ensures parts are not removed until the process has been completed, preventing incorrect operation by the engineer

  • Inspect the parts for any defects e.g. missing clips, colour, material etc.

  • Our BuildAssist control system relays the information back to the engineer and then prints the label to be scanned to confirm a 'good part'

Each system is bespoke to your needs, from component type to the part that needs inspecting. Built upon a standardised and field proven concept, our machines are available with up to 8 seperate cameras and a comprehensive range of sensor technologies that enable 100% inspection and verification of all relevent components, features and attributes. Download our vision brochure for full specifications.

Our Vision Systems and BuildAssist Control System Go hand In Hand

ATM's BuildAssist control system, which was developed in house, has the ability to show you the productivity of the shop floor. Two pieces of software in particular make this possible: OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System). OEE can be loaded onto most systems and shows a percentage of 'good parts' being produced. MES is an optional extra which gathers data from the factory floor and links manufacturing systems. Seeing the overall truly productive manufacturing time is the best way to identify the percentage of defective parts. Download our BuildAssist brichure to find out more.

Both control system and vision systems working in sync with one another ensures the increase in productivity and verifies that no defective parts have made it through the automation process.

Product image Vision Capture System
Product image EOL Inspection and Recording System
Product image BuildAssist Control System

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