ATM's Unique Control System

Improve Effectiveness and Reduce Costs Using ATM's Unique Control System

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) might be a set of metrics developed back in the 1960's, yet only with more recent technological advancements have we been able to capture crucial process information in such a detailed, automated and timely manner. With access to this new wealth of information, we can make proactive management decisions like never before.

ATM's industry leading BuildAssist Control System Software, at the heart of all ATM's manufacturing platforms for the Medical Industry, can be installed with an optional 'OEE Module' to take advantage of these advancements. By having access to availability, performance and quality data we can see where production is being lost. Using our OEE Module, you can easily drill down into the finest detail.

High productivity organisations using control systems achieve a real-world OEE of 80-85% compared to only 60% in organisations without control systems (the theoretical max of OEE being 100%). This provides scope for a vast reduction in per unit production costs and subsequent increase in profit.

BuildAssist 'OEE Module'

  • Real-Time Production Data Dashboard enables fast visual interpretation

  • Detect Bottlenecks and Downtime Events causing a loss of Productivity

  • Compatable with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) using the OPC UA Protocol

  • Data analysis for machine, time range, shift, operator, batch, product, part number and other perameters

  • Side-by-side graphical view of data, such as from different shifts, to aid easy comparison

  • CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance for full traceability

  • Export data in .csv format for further analysis in office applications

Conact us to find out more about the OEE module, our BuildAssist software and the manufacturing platforms we provide.

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