Multiple Technologies in a Single Cell

ATM’s expertise in Cast Mould production automation is clearly evident in the technologies and concepts we use within our systems. 

This system, designed to accept pre-populated trays from the moulding cell, incorporates a high precision rotary indexing system, and a series of individual process stations to complete the filling, assembly and welding operations. Completed parts are then collated ready for transfer to the next production process. 

System Features: 

  • 6-axis robot system to transfer parts to the machine, handle trays and collate completed parts

  • Multi-station, high precision rotary indexing system

  • Sprue cutting and removal station (Toric Lens Variants)

  • Precision multi-head monomer filling stations

  • Transfer and assembly stations

  • Precision multi-head welding stations

Optics: Filling Cell
Optics: Filling Cell
Optics: Filling Cell
Filling Cell Video
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