Automated De-Petaling System

An essential part of the contact lens manufacturing process is the De-Petaling of the individual moulds that contain the lenses. ATM has designed and manufactured automated systems that will accept bulk “flowers” to enable the moulds to be separated from the “flower”.

The ATM concept includes a magazine system which will release a single flower from the stack of parts and present it to a cutting station for processing. The individual lens moulds and the flower sprue are separated and controlled during this process.

System Features

  • Bulk storage magazine for un-processed parts

  • Escapement system to collect and present a single “flower” for processing

  • Rotary cutter system

  • 6 individual tube systems to separate and control the individual lens moulds

  • Collection area for “flower” sprue

  • Poka yoke sensing at all stages of processing

Optics: De-Petalar
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