High Yield De-Lensing

Attention to detail at all stages of the design process has enabled ATM to produce an innovative solution for de-lensing. The de-lensing process is sophisticated, requiring multiple operations which must be performed accurately and repeatably if high yields are to be achieved. 

The ATM concept incorporates: a vibratory bowl feeder to present parts, various servo axes, nesting tooling, mould splitting blades, pick and place units, mould heating and Delta robot systems for the lens picking and tray populating areas of the system. 

System Features 

  • Multi-part processing at all stages of de-lensing

  • High speed, high precision servo technology

  • High yields achieved from male and female halves

  • Capability to produce up to 20 million units per year

Optics: De-Lensing
Optics: De-Lensing
Optics: De-Lensing
Optics: De-Lensing
Optics: De-Lensing Blister Packaging
De-lensing System Video
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