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Unique BuildAssist Vision Range

ATM’s unique BuildAssist Vision range offers a complete solution for inspection and verification of automotive door modules and trim assemblies. These systems have the capability to check and verify trim material - leather or PVC, trim colour and also stitching colour.

Built upon a standardised and field proven concept, these machines are available with up to 8 separate cameras and a comprehensive range of sensor technologies, which allow 100% inspection and verification of all relevant components, features and attributes.

Our machine vision systems are designed to maintain control of ambient lighting to ensure accurate and repeatable image acquisition, and images are also stored for traceability purposes. A common control platform is used across the range.

Applications within the automotive industry include inspection and verification of:

  • Clips

  • Switch plinths

  • Symbols

  • Wiring

  • Screws

  • Speakers

  • Handles

  • Bezels

Vision Capture System
EOL Inspection and Recording System
In Stream / Assembly Progression System
Vision System Video
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