Final Assembly

BuildAssist Rotate Range

Large automotive components such as front and rear bumpers, require close attention to detail in relation to handling and manipulation due to their physical size and shape.

ATM's BuildAssist Rotate range is counterbalanced for safe operation with an option of either a vertical or horizontal rotation. Our latest models use a disk brake to ensure the safest and most secure operation in any orientation.

Excellent assembly ergonomics are achieved through the use of a powered lift system to adjust the working height. These systems also take advantage of our common control platform to provide simple and intuitive operation via a textual and graphical interface.

The BuildAssist Rotate range can be configured with a number of different assembly and automation technologies to suit the specific assembly tasks required.

This concept is suitable for assembly of a wide range of automotive modules and sub-assemblies such as spoilers, bumpers, instrument panels and cowl. 

Automotive Final Assembly System
Automotive Final Assembly System
Automotive Final Assembly System
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